We have experienced an exceptional situation, but with the effort of all of us we are ending this pandemic. COVID-19 is an invisible virus, a virus that we did not know, a fact that leads us all to have a degree of fear and, above all, to be more cautious with the places we visit, the things we touch or the air we breathe. That is why, from Mas Rovira we want to detail all the hygiene measures that we have incorporated in the accommodations as well as in the areas of the rural house that you can access to enjoy nature, the outdoors and your family. We understand that all the information we provide about these measures is one more degree of peace of mind for you during your stay.

The reception of the guests of the accommodations will be flexible and controlled, being possible to send the necessary documents through the WhatsApp application. The entrances of the accommodations are mostly through differentiated accesses, in such a way that the common passageways are shared by few guests, avoiding contact. The reservation conditions will be comfortable and adaptable to each case, the option is facilitated to move the dates of the reservation in case of other confinement with open dates. We know that when a change of dates occurs it is not easy to choose at the same time.

Our accommodations are independent, with private kitchens and bathrooms. Hygiene is very important to us, therefore, not only will a disinfection of the accommodations be carried out rigorously before each stay, but a professional, high-power appliance will also be used, achieving disinfection in all corners.
The common spaces will have gel and disinfectant products and the cleaning of these will be meticulous. We have a 14 x 6 meter swimming pool, surrounded by a large space in order to maintain safety distances between the guests of the different accommodations. We are surrounded by 15,000 meters of private gardens and forests to be able to walk in complete tranquility and, above all, breathe fresh air.

The Pla de l'Estany region enjoys an immense natural space, a point of interest for athletes and nature lovers. Many kilometers to get lost, enjoy Lake Banyoles and flee from the overcrowding. We are aware of uncertainties, so we are totally at your disposal for any question, information or help that we can provide.