Discover the Universe from Mas Rovira

Night experience

With a powerful automated telescope we will take a tour through space to observe objects such as the Moon (if visible), planets and outer space bodies (nebulae and galaxies).However, with the naked eye, we will learn how to orient ourselves at night, recognize stars and planets, talk about constellation mythology and observe if possible the passage of the International Space Station.We will be your guides and celestial interpreters who, with a pleasant and accessible language, will lead you on a fascinating journey, accessible to anyone, without limitation of knowledge or age.

Finally, we will take a photo under the stars to have a souvenir, accompanied by a pica pica. 

Price : 25€/person.

Day of the activity : To be specified according to weather conditions.

AstroXperiences and Juan Carlos Casado

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Learn more about Juan Carlos Casado

Juan Carlos Casado

Juan Carlos Casado is a collaborator of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC),coordinator of the astronomical images portal and the only Spanish member of the international TWAN program, recognized by UNESCO, which brings together the smallest astrophotographers of landscapes in the world. So far NASA has chosen 59 of his photos as APOD (Astronomical Picture of the Day).

He collaborates since 2002 with the group Shelios Expediciones Científicas and, since its creation, with the educational project Ruta de las Estrellas, which makes trips around the globe on the occasion of major celestial events, such as eclipses or polar auroras.To date, he has observed more than 50 eclipses of all types, including 18 total solar eclipses, from as far away as the Sun, from places as far away as Easter Island or Antarctica, and has participated in expeditions to study northern lights in Nordic countries, Iceland and Greenland.

Instagram: @juan_carlos_casado